By pursuing “house“ and “life“,
We want to achieve “premium comfort“.

A casual everyday, to something more than a luxury moment to spend in your favorite cafe ....
By pursuing “home“ and “living“ all the way, we want to make such an “ideal“ a “real“.
It is a new challenge for LOHAS, which has been aiming to create a cozy home.


LOHAS x DWELL realizes closeness to the life of the dweller by putting together tags that LOHAS, who has continued to create a cozy home in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and DWELL, a professional who makes a living.

What is LOHAS x DWELL ?


LOHAS is a construction company specializing in custom-made homes by artisans who use locally-made wood such as Fuji Hinoki, with a focus on Fuji City, Fujinomiya City, Mishima City, and Gotemba City.
The interiors are made of natural materials in a structure that is particular about earthquake resistance and heat insulation performance, and OM solar and wood stoves are adopted for air conditioning, aiming to create a cozy home.

about LOHAS


DWELL is a workshop that deals with various things related to “life“, from design planning and furniture production for homes and stores to furniture proposal from kitchen furniture, led by Kenichiro Kawabata.
Currently, with a focus on Kagoshima, where factories and galleries are located, we have been working in various parts of the country under the motto of “Careful work with respect to the face with customers, one by one“ .

about DWELL


Photo gallery that introduces housing by collaboration of LOHAS x DWELL.