about DWELL


about DWELL

///“Life“ professionals///

DWELL is a workshop that deals with various things related to “life“, from design planning & furniture production from kitchen furniture, led by Kenichiro Kawabata.

Currently, with a focus on Kagoshima, we have been working in various parts of the country under the motto of “Careful work with respect to the face with customers, one by one“.

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“GOOD-TIME PLACE” outside the window

///Kawabata Kenichiro Profile///

After starting his career as a furniture maker, he worked for about six years at a construction company to expand the possibilities of work.
After that, he combined design sense that he had fostered during the furniture maker period, the relationship between buildings & gardens, & the design that promotes family communication, which he learned during the construction agency period, & he is doing all the work focusing on “life“.
There are many magazine publications, such as the living room at home decorating the cover of “BRUTUS residence space studies 2017“.

Work at the DWELL factory

“BRUTUS residence space studies 2017“ where Kawabata’s home decorated the cover

DWELL original furniture “DAY BED“

A beauty salon designed by DWELL for interior design


“GOOD-TIME PLACE“ is a name given to “semi-external space“ that allows families & friends to gather casually by setting up a covered outdoor kitchen outdoors.

Please refer to the following about “Good-Time Place“ which Mr. Kawabata of DWELL spreads throughout the country as “a place to enjoy life more“.


With GOOD-TIME PLACE, you can enjoy your meal outside