about LOHAS


about LOHAS

///Live with nature///

LOHAS is a construction company specializing in Fuji “Hinoki“, a wood house with excellent wood of shizuka good quality & a handicraft of artisans, & a custom house, with a focus on Fuji City, Fujinomiya City, Mishima City & Gotemba City.

In order to cherish “healthy & sustainable living“ which means “LOHAS“ of company name, double earthquake measures of “seismic grade 3 +“ vibration damping damper “,“ more than 1.5 times of long-term excellent housing “ There is no heat shock due to the heat insulation performance + OM solar system, & it is important to create a wood house that can live in peace until old age & become healthier enough to live.

On that basis, I would like to further convey the goodness of Japan & the goodness of Fuji by trying to create a house that lives with nature, where the richness of nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji & the taste of each season can be felt. I am working on my work every day with my thoughts.

“Relief and security“ is the basic of the basics of home building. We will aim to create a cozy home that lives with nature after being fully filled with it

///OM Solar system///

“OM Solar System“ is a mechanism to keep the temperature inside the house comfortable while achieving energy saving by making good use of the power of nature.

Where we find this system to be particularly good is that “being comfortable indoors throughout the year“ and “always clean and fresh air in the house“ can be compatible about.
Recently, “high airtightness and high thermal insulation“ houses are popular, but in fact, general “high airtight and high thermal insulation“ houses have the disadvantage that the indoor air is prone to stagnation and becoming dirty.
In that respect, the “OM solar system“ is an overwhelming advantage of this system that it is a “ventilation system that can take in fresh air from outside, adjust the temperature, and send the air to the floor as well“.


///How the “OM Solar System“ Works///

The mechanism of OM solar is based on the winter work of floor heating with the sun.
The solar heat is collected and stored in foundation concrete under the floor, and the whole house is heated continuously.
The base concrete that has been stored dissipates heat slowly, so the warmth continues even at night.

How it works in the winter daytime

We use the heat of the sun falling on the roof and the heat generated during solar power generation to warm the cold outdoor air on the roof and send warm air to the floor with the help of a small fan inside the handling box operated by solar cells.
By passing through the OM airfall while passing under the floor, the cleaned air spreads under the floor and heats the room while storing heat in the concrete.
A product that uses solar power and actively uses the heat generated is called “OM quattro solar“.

How it works in the winter nighttime

In the evening, when the outside temperature begins to fall, the heat stored under the floor during the daytime begins to dissipate slowly and keep the floor warm until the morning.

How it works in the summer daytime

The heat of the roof heated by the falling sun affects the room temperature. In order to prevent this, the heat is exhausted from the summer exhaust of the cabin.
This heat is used not only to discharge but also to heat the water in the hot water tank.

How it works in the summer nighttime

On a sunny day, when there are no clouds on a clear day, radiant cooling phenomena are used to bring cool outside air into the room.
It is a passive design that is considered to be a slightly cool summer night, though not as cold.