Camper's Secret Base

Mr. W loves camping.
Other than summer, they gather at campsites with friends every weekend and enjoy cooking, drinking and talking.

Such Mr. W began to think about new construction, and while looking at some companies, he used a lot of natural materials in the house and seemed to have sympathy in the creation of the house of Rojas where the connection with the outside of the house was felt .

Appearance of “Camper’s Secret Base”

Image illustration at the time of proposal

Appearance image illustration at the time of proposal

Then, when he started making a house at “R + house” where he liked the balance of performance, design, and cost at LOHAS, Mr. Kawabata of DWELL was introduced from LOHAS.

Mr.W looked at the homepage of DWELL immediately, “At first, it is a nice person who will be the cover of ‘BRUTUS’, and I was attracted by the place where the design of his home is also cool! “GOOD-TIME PLACE” Explanation of the construction of The idea that he would like to create a place like the ground floor that he can meet with friends without hesitation in a form appropriate to the present age is written. There was a particular feeling of sympathy.

And he decided to ask Mr. Kawabata “GOOD-TIME PLACE”, a space where he can enjoy outside play with friends who are at home.

“I got a suggestion in the illustration first, and I liked the picture very much, so I left it completely so that I could not see the picture properly,” Mr. W said.

The space is finished, lined up with familiar camping equipment and made a great result for friends to enjoy.

From now on, let’s expand it with the help of a panel in the garden, put a tarp in a space that is not daringly attached to the roof, start a kitchen garden, etc. Let’s enjoy the outside while gradually arranging this space It is said that we are planning.

By placing “GOOD-TIME PLACE” outside the house, “a place to grow slowly” is born in the house … …, what kind of lifestyle Mr. W can enjoy from now on I am looking forward to it.

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