A house that enjoys "outside" in "inside"

Mr.& Mrs. S, who runs an animal hospital with a couple, heard that DWELL’s Mr. Kawabata, who knew about it in the Instagram and liked the first time she was working on a joint project with LOHAS, when she was considering creating a house in LOHAS. It became an opportunity to start making a house in earnest.

Mr. S who liked the creation of an open house of LOHAS that made use of natural materials, the basic plan of the building was taken over by LOHAS, and Mr. Kawabata was taken up in charge of a proposal that considered usability of living. After deciding to leave it to the team, I was able to work on house building with confidence, and it seems that the process was very smooth.

In the case of house making, it was said that wife who made much of “living” from the first time to live mainly interacted with Mr. Kawabata

You can see the housework room in the back. It is difficult to see in the partitions from the living room and dining room

When I asked my wife how to use the house, the first thing I liked was “Housework room”, which was set up next to the kitchen by Mr. Kawabata’s suggestion. Originally, this space was not designed to divide it from the living room, but it was replanned to be a “spacious space” by putting in a partition.

“We use it very conveniently when we want to concentrate and work alone. It is good that the room is less likely to be cluttered, as we can leave small things.”

Inside the housekeeping room. This is also a space, but I am happy that the lightness of the hand is a batch

Kitchen was originally considered as “island type”, but reconsidering the flow line and having changed it to “L-shaped” by having set up the housework room

A living room with an open-air facing the wood deck is planned as an independent space by inserting a glass-filled partition.

This is a plan to open the window facing the outside when the weather is nice so that you can enjoy the feeling of the outside even in the living room.
To that end, the octagonal dining table has been designed to be light and water resistant and can be brought out to the deck.

In fact, there are times when you open the window in this space and enjoy barbecue etc.
As the interior wall of the room uses a building material board called “Mois”, which has a humidity control effect and also an effect of adsorbing odors and chemicals, it is unlikely that the smell will bother you.

Living when new construction

Current living. Even in a compact house, you can feel spacious by having your eyes in the back

The pendant light that comes under the blowout uses the original movable “LOHAS x DWELL” with an emphasis on usability.

For example, when carrying out the ballet practice that my daughter is learning in this room, I can put the lamp on the wall, which is very useful.

Once again, if you think that “this living room is divided by just a wall …” and review this space, the line of sight is the back of the room and the window because the upper half of the partition is glass I noticed that the effect felt spacious was great.

Large window with good access to the outside deck

Relax while taking in the light from the window

It is impressive that Mr. S is impressive that it is finished in a very comfortable space by combining the sincere home making stuck to the natural materials of LOHAS and the work of DWELL which sticks to the balance of ease of living and design was.

Photos of the new construction of this house